Welcome to the Library

We’ve come a long way…


The Van Zandt County Sarah Norman Library vision is to serve as the community learning hub for literacy and education. We aspire to be the community’s first thought when seeking resources and information to better empower their lives.

With the combined resources of state-of-the-art technology and our more than 40,000 books and resource materials, our community has the world of education at its fingertips.


Our mission is to be the integral resource of information for the whole of Van Zandt County and beyond through our superior service, commitment to technology and unlimited arsenal of educational and research tools.


What started in the library basement has become a pillar of our community in advocating for education, literacy and community-centered learning for Van Zandt County.

The Van Zandt County Sarah Norman Library is located at 317 First Monday Lane (Hwy. 859) in Canton, Texas. The Van Zandt County Sarah Norman Library serves all residents of the county free of charge.

The collection of materials includes over 40,000 books, and 2,700 audio and video tapes, CD’s and DVD’s available for check-out.

More than 22,000 patrons have entered the library to check out books, DVDs, audio and video and to utilize our electronic reference resources.

Did you know…

Quick Facts.

More than 400,000 educational resources at your fingertips.

We started in a small room in the courthouse basement.